Innclusive Podcast Eight: Breaking the Rules

If you read a bunch of business books you’ll realize those books take more time talking about planning your business than actually starting and making money from your service or idea. At Innclusive we are exactly the opposite.

We break all the rules when it comes to starting a business. We remove friction, power through potential delays, hurdle over roadblocks and only build relationships that matter.

Listen to Breaking the Rules to see how we do it.

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Innclusive Podcast Five: The More Competition the Better

Why do we fear competition?

You wouldn’t trust a man who wanted to open a business on the equator selling winter coats, yet somehow when someone announces they want to start a cleaning business in an area where there are other successful cleaning businesses and tons of homes to be cleaned… people tell them it will never work because the market is just too saturated.

The best predictor of success is what has already been proven to be successful by other people. We look at our competition and learn from and improve on what they offer. If they can make it work… so can we.

Listen to Innclusive Podcast Five: The More Competition the Better to see how.

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Innclusive Podcast Six: Imposter Syndrome

The belief in self is one of the key differentiators in a successful entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur. Feeling incapable or underestimating oneself is common but harmful. It can lead to undervaluing your ideas, your products and prevent you from taking action.

In this podcast we talk about learning to overcome those fears, taking action and becoming a leader.

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