Innclusive Podcast Seven: Simplicity Wins

People have a short attention span. They don’t want to see jargon and they don’t want to search for a solution… they want a beautiful package that lays out the answer to their problems.

The businesses that are winning are distilling the most complicated processes and presenting them to their target buyer in the easiest way possible.

Simplicity wins. Listen to Innclusive Podcast Seven to see how.


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Innclusive Podcast Four: Why passion is not a good indicator of what business to pursue

Passion usually doesn’t pay your bills. In business your passion should be to make as much money as quickly as possible by taking a sustainable, proven and simple path.

Entrepreneurship is not a destination. You don’t just make it. You are always learning, iterating and growing and your passion shouldn’t dictate what you choose to build your business around (if money is your goal).

Listen to Innclusive Podcast Four to learn how we pick our business ideas and why those decisions have never been driven by our passions.

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Innclusive Podcast Three: Exploring Your Why

Entrepreneurship is not an easy road and there really is no destination. If you don’t know your why and love the process of getting there, you will never succeed as a business person.

You have to know what you want and what your goal is. Shooting shots aimlessly is not the way to win. Knowing your why and working towards that will lead you to bigger and bigger wins along the journey.

Listen to what we have learned from exploring and figure out our why.

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